At Grantulla we have researched our dog breeds Azawakh & Saluki intensively.

I am proud to say we have made many strong connections within the breed internationally and will be forever learning about these aristocratic hounds. 

Living on a rural property means all our hounds have grown up on the farm proving themselves to be a versatile, extremely athletic to being sensible around livestock in particular our horses. All our hounds are well-socialised and live as part of the family and participate in many of our daily activities proving well loved family members.

Our aim is to breed moderate hounds, preserving the unique qualities and original function of the Saluki and Azawakh.


Soundness is essential so that our Salukis and Azawakh can perform well lure coursing and in the show ring and or any other chosen field of sport. With a lifetime of knowledge in breeding horses for competition we understand that correct structure is essential so our hounds can stay sound and have excellent health. Also possess outgoing, people loving temperaments which is also very important for every family member.


Our dogs have excellent health passing health checks and all being tested for DCM and thyroid issues before breeding, with sound temperaments, that are trainable and bold. 


Our main passion is Lure Coursing we course monthly and have many LCA Field Champion titles soon to begin ANKC Lure Coursing. We have had much success in the show ring with many Best of Breeds and Groups placements.

The Azawakh is an ancient rare and unique breed from West Africa, to be specific, the Sahelian desert area. The nomadic people that live with this breed view them as a guardian, hunter and status symbol. Having been forged over millennia by a harsh desert environment and the selective hand of man, they are possessed of unique physical, mental and aesthetic qualities. In Sahelian culture an Azawakh is prized for “djikku”-intensity of character, which is considered a sign of nobility. 


The Saluki believed to be one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dog, the Saluki evolved in the Middle East to assist early man, the hunter. Studying the antiquity of these beautiful hounds reveals that they hunted for the ancient Egyptians and for their Mesopotamian masters as well as being accomplished providers of food for the nomadic tribes who roamed the desert sands of the Arabian Peninsula.